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A WESTERN suburbs wedding has created chaos, with the groom’s mates hooning around residential streets on motorcycles and in luxury cars.

Police have launched an investigation after at least five motorcycles and two cars, including a luxury Mercedes, were filmed doing burnouts in West Footscray and Yarraville on Sunday.

Video posted to Facebook shows one hoon screeching his tyres for more than 30 seconds in what a witness described as “frightening lawless scenes”.

Others performed similar tricks, sending huge plumes of smoke into the air.

Skid marks in Ormond Rd.
A witness, who did not want to be named, said the hooning centred on Ormond Rd, where the groom’s family have a number of homes.

The parade continued for more than a kilometre to an Orthodox Christian church, where the couple were wed.

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A guest boasted: “Frying tyres in front of the church.”

One man, wearing a crisp black suit and lapel flower, fled to the footpath waving his arm in front of his face to clear the smoke.

A Maserati Ghibli — a car that costs up to $169,900 that is believed to have chauffeured the groom and his family — is lost behind a white wall of smoke as the rubber burns.

Hoons do burnouts in expensive cars before the wedding. Picture: Kane Kovanovic/Facebook
A black Mercedes also tore about West Footscray, doing a burnout before taking off at speed.

The hoons have left metres of burnt rubber tracks along the thin residential street.

About 300 guests partied into the night at a swanky reception centre 5km from the church.

Photos and video show the bride and groom dancing with traditional drummers, as well as surrounded by pyrotechnics shooting sparks into the air around them.

The Herald Sun understands the couple spent close to $10,000 to secure the venue’s “Bliss Room” — complete with a large chandelier and overstated table centres with white flowers.

It’s reportedly Australia’s only reception centre to have a glass elevator that ascends from the floor for newlyweds chasing a dramatic entrance as husband and wife.

It’s believed the couple instead opted to enter via a “magnificent staircase”.

The Orthodox Christian church where the couple married.
A man who watched the mayhem in the streets said the sound of tyres screeching echoed across the suburb and could be heard “miles away”.

“They don’t have any regard for the law,” he said.

“It was like being at the drags.

“I actually felt sorry for the bride.

“Imagine if they had got locked up on the way or if something had happened. I’d be embarrassed.”

One video posted to Facebook has been viewed more than 1800 times.

The groom, named on Facebook as Antonio Sawan, labelled it “sick”.

Victoria Police spokeswoman Belinda Batty told the Herald Sun: “Police are aware of the video and they have launched an investigation.”

Hoons on motorcycles before the wedding. Picture: Kane Kovanovic/Facebook

Police have launched an investigation. Picture: Kane Kovanovic/Facebook
Police reportedly received at least eight phone calls from concerned residents on Sunday.

Maribyrnong City Council also had one call.

Chief executive Steve Wall said the council was powerless to pull the handbrake on hoons.

“The council certainly does not condone the behaviour but it is covered by state legislation and we have no power to stop hooning,” he said.

“We suggest residents contact local police.”